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22-23 Athletics Registration

22-23 Athletics Registration

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2022-2023 Legacy Christian Athletic Registration


The Athletic Department utilizes PlanetHS/Student Central for athletic registrations and form submissions.  This online registration platform allows students (creating “Student Accounts”) and their parents/guardians (creating separate “Parent Accounts”, which are then “linked” in the system once both created) in grades 5-12 (and 4th graders participating in XC or T&F, non-contact only sports) to register for sports, complete all required athletic forms, and also confirm that you have completed all required steps in order for your child to start participation in a Fall, Winter or Spring sport. 


Please take a moment to click on and read the following links listed below.  These links will provide more information on how to sign your child up for any sport during the 2022-2023 school year as well as how to submit all required forms. Students and parents who created PlanetHS/Student Central accounts, or had them created for them by the LCS Athletic Department starting with the Winter 2021/2022 season, in the past should use the same account that was already created - please do not create a new account if you already have one.   4th and 5th grade students who did not ever participate in a sport at Legacy Christian School and are completely new to the system should use their LCS email and create an acceptable password with their parents/guardians to access your student account for the first time.  After accessing the student account, an invite can be sent to create and link a parent account.   Parents of those new-to-the-system students should use their same email they used for their FACTS account / LCS enrollment, and establish a password for their account, as well.  PLEASE MAKE SURE WHEN CREATING/ACCESSING YOUR ACCOUNT, THAT YOU SELECT THE CORRECT SCHOOL.  Students registering for their first sport of the year or completing the LCS Athletics Registration process during the summer Registration period (between 6/13/22 and 7/11/22) will need to sign/initial all electronic forms in their account.  Parents/Guardians registering for their child's first sport of the year will need to sign/initial all sections and forms in their account except for the LCS Athletics Financial Agreement Form.  Students and parents/guardians who are completing a re-certification for subsequent seasons (later in the school year just before the start of each new  season for only Winter and Spring) will just need the parent/guardian to e-sign/initial the LCS Athletic Financial Agreement form within the date parameters provided by the LCS Athletic Department.  (This document will flip from completed or “Green” to incomplete or “Red” prior to the start of the Winter and Spring seasons, which will be the prompt for parents to know when they must re-authorize the form by signing and initialing for that particular Winter and/or Spring season.)  Here is a list of the LCS Athletics Forms as they appear in Student Central, and who (which accounts – parent, student, or both parent and student – need to e-sign and date):


Physical History Form – Both Parent & Student, and Doctor will want to review completed form

Physical Exam Form – Both Parent & Student, and Doctor (then upload completed form to Student Central)

IHSAA Eligibility Rules – Both Parent & Student

IHSAA Consent & Release Certificate – Both Parent & Student

Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Acknowledgement and Signature Form – Both Parent & Student

Contact Information & Emergency Form – Parent Only

Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability – Parent Only

Code of Conduct Acknowledgement Form – Both Parent & Student

RVH HIPAA Authorization Form – Parent Only

RVH Consent to Treat Form – Parent Only

Athletic Service Requirement & Buy Back Program Form – Both Parent & Student

LCS Athletic Financial Agreement – Parent Only (must be completed for each season; re-authorizing for each subsequent season for the purposes of assessing Athletic Participation Fees for each season after their initial season for any 2 or 3 sport athletes)



*Please note that while all forms are completed and submitted online, you will need to print out the Physical History Form and the Physical Exam Form in order to be able to have a doctor complete the forms.   To print the filled-in Physical History Form and the blank Physical Exam Form:  After completing the Physical History Form online, click on the "Print Version Here" link that is found at the top of the form.  This will print your Physical History Form with all of your answers filled in.  A blank Physical Exam (doctor's) form can also be downloaded and printed by clicking on the link at the bottom of the Physical Exam Form page.  Most doctors will require the completed Physical History form to be presented during the physical exam, along with the blank Physical Exam Form.   Anyone attending an LCS-hosted school sport physical event conducted by Dr. Leer must also bring a completed Physical History Form along with the blank Physical Exam Form to the sport physical.  


Registration is now open for all students in grades 4-12.  4th grade students may only register for non-contact sports (Fall, Coed XC for either MS or HS/Varsity, and Spring Coed T&F for either MS or HS/Varsity.)  All students are required to complete the online registration by July 11, 2022 for any sports that they plan on participating in during the 2022-23 school year.  Completed Physical History and Physical Exam Forms can be uploaded any time during this period, or after July 11th as needed, but having all other information in the system by the July 11th date will help our coaching staffs and athletic office staff plan and contact team members as needed during the summer and school year.   While there will be opportunity to change which sports your child signs up for leading up to each season, we ask that everyone completes the online registration process during the registration period between June 13 and July 11.  If you wish to change which sports your child plans on participating in, all you have to do is check or uncheck any of the sports under their account profile.  The LCS Athletic Department recommends you select all available sports so that you receive all athletics communications until you are comfortable dialing in your preferred or chosen sport as the season gets closer.  In this way, no communications will be missed.


Deadlines for all forms to be submitted on Student Central each season will be:

Fall Season - August 5, 2022

Winter Season - October 28, 2022

Spring Season - March 17, 2023


If you have any questions regarding the signup process, the form submissions, or need technology help in doing so, please contact the Athletic Director, Aaron Johnson, at 317-501-4552 or email Aaron Johnson at or  Appointments can be scheduled with the student and parent to complete this process in the LCS Front Office, as needed.


2022-2023 Sport Signup & Physical Exam Information:


2022-2023 Sport Registration Directions & Checklist

Click this link for all registration information for your first sport of the 2022-2023 school year.

Student Central/PlanetHS Registration Page

Click this link to go to the online registration portal

Getting Started Guide

Click this link to go to the Getting Started Guide for Students & Parents

Account Settings & Team Email/Text Messages Directions

Click this link for information on making sure your PlanetHS account settings are set to receive both email and text messages from coaching staffs and athletic office personnel as well as information on linking multiple parent/guardian accounts to a student account so that all parents will receive these messages. 

Schedule Change Alert Directions

Click this link for information on signing up for schedule change alerts via text message and/or emails from the athletic website.

Dr. Leer Sport Physical Exam Events

In partnership with the practice of Dr. Glen Leer, students participating in athletics at Legacy Christian School are invited to attend sport physicals that will be scheduled at the school prior to the start of each season.  These sport physicals are delivered at a price of $35, are required to be paid in cash at the time of service, and are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.  LCS highly recommends that all students see their primary care physician for the completion of their yearly sport physical, but if that is not possible then we hope you will be able to take advantage of one of LCS’s hosted sport physical events performed by Dr. Leer.  The Leers graciously provide a donation from the sport physicals back to the LCS Athletic Department.  All sport physical events hosted by LCS with Dr. Leer’s practice will be communicated via email through SignUpGenius as the event times get scheduled and made available.  All sport physicals conducted by Dr. Leer must be pre-registered for through SignUpGenius.

All students must, at a minimum, have the completed Physical History Form and blank Physical Exam Form with them when they attend the sport physical.  Dr. Leer will return both sections to you to take home and upload to your Student Central account.