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9 months ago @ 6:47PM

Legacy Athletics Home Events at Ivy Tech, and COVID Reminders

LCS Athletics Home Event COVID Guideline Reminders


A quick reminder to our Legacy Athletics Fan base and for any inquiring opponent partners or visitors scheduled to come to an LCS-hosted Athletic event at Ivy Tech, Noblesville in the Main/College Gym:


1.  Park in Lot #3 which is the northeastern-most parking lot on campus just adjacent to the Beaver Materials Noblesville HS Football Stadium (off Harrison & N 18th Street and adjacent to our required #18 Door/Entrance). 

2.  All building visitors, without exception, must enter through Door/Entrance #18 on the northeast side of the building where a temperature check-point is established by our facility partner to ensure no one in the building is running a fever (above 100.4), and to ensure that everyone entering the building has a mask, and is wearing it.

3.  Masks must be worn at all times while in the building.  The only exceptions are if/when immediately eating or drinking, or when a player is on the court or the bench.  Even while seated in the stands, masks must be properly worn at all times.

4.  All posted signage and floor arrow traffic indicators must be adhered to and followed.  Foot traffic flow is designed to go one direction to encourage social distancing.  One-way into the Gym (northeast corner door), and another one-way out of the Gym (southeast corner door), which will be monitored by Legacy Student Game Ops staff to assist.

5.  Only one set of restrooms (Mens & Womens) are available for use, and those are by the #18 Entrance/Hallway where entrants to the building are checked in by staff, which is not in the Gym, so please follow Guidance/Reminder #3 above.  Ivy has established the Mens & Womens, as well as a Family/Accessible, Restrooms that are all also taped and marked with traffic flow restrictions on the South/Interior corridor just outside of the Main/College Gym for use when both Gyms are utilized and traffic is higher at Legacy events.

6.  Legacy Student Game Ops and Athletics Department Staff will be present and able to assist with reminding fans about restricted areas, access, and mask compliance.

7.  Hand sanitizer stations will be setup and available throughout the Gym and entry/exit points.

8.  Concessions (beverages and snack items) are available for purchase and may be eaten in the gym stands.  Please honor the mask guidelines whenever not immediately eating or drinking and return your mask to its effective position once done eating or drinking, and please discard all food and beverage trash in the provided trash bins.

9.  When in doubt, please ask a Staff member or Student Game Ops staff for assistance or guidance.  Periodic reminders will be announced over the audio system to remind attendees.

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